Introducing ink+PAPER

The true story of a woman making the first round-the-world journey by airship. A tale of long-lost lovers reunited. A record of a trip to Japan. An account of a man’s life told by the things he left behind. Human cannonball sisters. Dark matter. FOOD.

Just some of the stories to be found in ink+PAPER, a new comic magazine to be launched in the autumn. There’ll be short story comics: exciting, romantic and involving. And feature comics: funny, informative and fascinating. And not just comics – there’ll be articles on creators and their interests (they don’t just draw, they create in all manner of ways).

Intelligent? Yes. Fun? That too. Colourful? Very. But it’s all about the stories, some of which we’ll be previewing here. It’s long-train-journey, afternoon-at-the-beach, curl-up-in-an-armchair-on-a-rainy-day-type reading. (And for those of a digital persuasion there’ll be a downloadable – pixel+SCREEN? – version too.)

I hope you’ll take a look – Issue #1 will be out in November 2011.

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