First sneak peek: Jess Bradley

Here’s a first look at one of the pages from issue #1 of ink+PAPER. There’ll be more of these in the coming months as we creep closer and closer to launch…

Jess Bradley is an illustrator whose cute and zany work appears on all kinds things, from books to greetings cards (I’m carrying one of her superhero key-rings right now). She’s also a lovely and funny lady! Japan and its culture have been a big influence on her style so it’s no suprise that she should choose to do a Japanese travelogue-of-stuff for her i+P story. Here’s the first page:
Jess BradleyJess always has one of the most impressive tables on the convention circuit – it’s a treasure trove of covetable goodies, so do seek her out. Otherwise you can find her at these reputable internet establishments:


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