Sneak Peek: Philippa Rice and Julia Homersham

A double bill of delicious today: the food section of issue #1 contains a number of recipe comics to tempt those readers with a love of cooking. We even have our own celebrity chef: Cardboard Colin.

Cardboard Colin in the kitchen.Colin is, of course, the creation of Philippa Rice whose My Cardboard Life strip has been a hit ever since it started. It’s a sign of just how much of a professional she is that she road-tested the recipe beforehand and the results (pictured) are as tasty-looking as her comic.

Next in this comic bake-off is Julia Homersham, whose food-related cartoons delighted me the first time I saw them in the marvellous Comix Reader. She shares a couple of tea room treats from her native New Zealand, including the rather decadent Lolly Cake:

Lolly CakeYum. I can personally vouch for Julia’s cooking and, I’m happy to say, for her comics too.

In other news, I was interviewed at my own kitchen table by the marvellous Alex Fitch for his Resonance FM radio show on comics, Panel Borders. You can hear me talk a bit about ink+PAPER and also hear super chap Mike Medaglia talk about his latest project showcasing webcomics, Dot Comics. Download the podcast here.

And don’t forget, you can pre-order issue #1 right now at the shop.

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  1. Julia showed me the page that image is from – her stuff is generally fab, but she’s reached a new height with her stuff for ink + PAPER. Can’t wait to read – and cook! – it all.

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