Sneak Peek: Selina Lock & David O’Connell


A little bit of self-publicity: this is a panel from a comic written by Selina Lock and drawn by me. It’s based on a true story, that of Lady Grace Drummond-Hay‘s journey around the world by air. She was the first woman to do so, courtesy of the Graf Zeppelin airship. A major celebrity in her time, she’s pretty much forgotten now, but Selina has captured her daring spirit using Lady Drummond-Hay’s own writings as source material.

It was great fun to draw, and I’m grateful to Selina for providing such a marvellous script! I’ve also been grateful for Selina’s advice during the evolution of i+P. Both she and partner Jay Eales are experienced comic editors, as founders of Factor Fiction Press, publisher of the Girly Comic and Violent!, and her insight  has proved very useful in keeping things on track.


In other news, I’ve finally got issue #1 in my hands after a short delay! I’m thrilled with how it looks, particularly by how well it coordinates with the rug in my living room.

Don’t forget the launch party this Friday: details here.

Then issue #1 will be available at the Comiket the very next day. Or at the Thought Bubble Festival later in the month. Or you can order from the shop.

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