Sneak Peek: John Riordan

Despite appearances, John Riordan‘s comic for ink+PAPER #2 is a funny and… colourful tale.

When chatting with John recently, I mentioned his work reminded me of the Doom Patrol and Shade, the Changing Man comics that DC Comics published in the late 80s and he replied that they were among some of the biggest influences in his comics education. So if you’re a fan of the quirky style for which those comics are famous, with a touch of sly humour, you’ll enjoy his tale: The Inventor of Colour.

John is the co-creator of the acclaimed ‘musical soap-opera’ comic Hitsville UK and has contributed comics and illustrations to Time Out, the BBC and The Guardian, among others. He’s also part of an amazing indie band, The Little Philistines. There is just too much talent in this man!

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