Sneak Peek: John Cei Douglas

This is a scene from a marvellously dark tale by illustrator and comicker John Cei Douglas. How would you feel about being marooned on a desert island? It’s not all coconuts and bananas, as John deftly shows.

John’s comics have appeared in a number of anthologies, such as Paper Science and Solipsistic Pop, and whenever I talk to him he’s always full of exciting story ideas – the above story was one of several pitches he came up with for ink+PAPER, any of which I would have loved to have published. His clean brushwork is filled with warmth and character, but he’s not afraid to deal with uncomfortable subjects. Check out his work at his tumblr:

i+P #3 can be pre-ordered right now and don’t forget, if you’re in the London area on the 9th November, please come along to our launch (with our good friends of The Strumpet). If you’re on Facebook, there’s an event page here.

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