It’s been a long time coming, I know, but ink+PAPER issue #4 is finally surfacing from a long hibernation! That’s the cover above – comics are mind-blowing!

A heavy workload got in the way of issue #4 coming out in the summer as planned. Apologies if you were waiting expectantly and also for the lack of news. However, I hope you’ll find the new issue, debuting at the Thought Bubble Festival (New Dock Hall Table 61) in a couple of weeks, worth the wait.

Comics from:

Sean Azzopardi, Fred Blunt, Sammy Borras, Katriona Chapman, Sam Davies, Paul Harrison-Davies, James Howard, Tanya Meditzky, Kathryn Newman, David O’Connell, Edie OP, Tom Pearce, Owen Pomery, Jade Sarson & Dean McKnight, and Scott Jason Smith with articles featuring Matt Abbiss, Mike Medaglia and Julia Scheele.

Sneak peeks from some of those artists soon!

On a side note, the delay in #4 coming out has inadvertently meant my plan to turn ink+PAPER into an annual publication has been implemented a year earlier than expected! More on that soon as well.

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