Sneak Peek: Katriona Chapman


Here’s a first glimpse of some of the wonderful work produced for issue #4!

Katriona Chapman is an illustrator with a remarkably diverse range of book projects under her belt. She also publishes and sells her own books (some handmade) under the Tomatito Press name.

For issue #4, Katriona reflects on her experiences of living with house-mates. It’s something with which most of us will immediately be able to identify. The selfishness, the mess, the politics – all told with Katriona’s tolerant good humour.

Sobering statistics on spiralling rents and the impossibility of home ownership contrast with the sunny colours and soft pencils of Katriona’s artwork (a particularly lovely panel of despair above!). It’s no surprise that Katriona is one of the editors (along with Amber Hsu) of Tiny Pencil, which showcases the best of illustration produced purely by the power of graphite. Well worth picking up – the Tiny Pencil folk will be at Thought Bubble too.

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