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Sneak Peek: Matt Abbiss


Matt Abbiss is an animator/comic maker who is interviewed in issue #4 of ink+PAPER. His comics are somewhat of a rarity but always very much appreciated when they do appear. The above image (from Man with Hammer) is my favourite representation of God (with man with hammer) anywhere. Find about more about Matt in issue #4, which can be bought here at 10% off for the rest of the month/year.

If you’ve had any doubts about purchasing your copy of issue #4 there’s a lovely review to be found at the Broken Frontier website, courtesy of Andy Oliver. Andy is real evangelist for the UK small press and his reviews are always worth looking out for: he’s one of the people who really gets it.

Sneak Peek: Sammy Borras


Another welcome return visitor to ink+PAPER is Sammy Borras! I’m a huge fan of her style and would love to see some big publisher pay her lots of money to make lots of comics. For funny teen adventures with a twist, she’s pretty hard to beat. Also, check out the work of the Inspired Comics collective that she belongs to – there’s some lovely stuff there.

In issue #4 Sammy treats us to a high school drama revolving around a battle of the bands. Colourful characters, humour and plenty of tension – it’s all there.

******* ALSO: ink+PAPER #4 IS NOW ON SALE FROM THE SHOP! *******

Get it in time for Christmas!

Sneak Peek: Fred Blunt


There are few pleasures in life that surpass having a Fred Blunt comic drop into your inbox. The prolific illustrator is back in issue #4, not only with his regular Tales from the Big Top strip, but also a standalone story of a hedgehog’s encounter with a colour-full fungi. It will blow. Your. Mind. Man.

Don’t forget: ink+PAPER will be at the Thought Bubble Festival this weekend – table 61 in the New Dock Hall. It’s the biggest Thought Bubble yet and should be pretty spectacular. See you there!

Sneak Peek: Paul Harrison-Davies


ink+PAPER is very happy to welcome back Paul Harrison-Davies to its pages in issue #4. In fact, this comic is a family affair, being co-created with Paul’s daughter Olivia.

A delightful little tale of a conversation about surviving the zombie apocalypse. Perhaps not the usual father-daughter discussion..? Either way, I’m pretty sure I want Olivia on my side when the dreaded day dawns.

Paul has recently received quite a bit of well-deserved attention for his beautiful comic Astrodog – it’s available as a webcomic but I can personally recommend you splash out on a printed copy. Really lovely and a lot of fun!

Sneak Peek: Katriona Chapman


Here’s a first glimpse of some of the wonderful work produced for issue #4!

Katriona Chapman is an illustrator with a remarkably diverse range of book projects under her belt. She also publishes and sells her own books (some handmade) under the Tomatito Press name.

For issue #4, Katriona reflects on her experiences of living with house-mates. It’s something with which most of us will immediately be able to identify. The selfishness, the mess, the politics – all told with Katriona’s tolerant good humour.

Sobering statistics on spiralling rents and the impossibility of home ownership contrast with the sunny colours and soft pencils of Katriona’s artwork (a particularly lovely panel of despair above!). It’s no surprise that Katriona is one of the editors (along with Amber Hsu) of Tiny Pencil, which showcases the best of illustration produced purely by the power of graphite. Well worth picking up – the Tiny Pencil folk will be at Thought Bubble too.

ink+PAPER #4


It’s been a long time coming, I know, but ink+PAPER issue #4 is finally surfacing from a long hibernation! That’s the cover above – comics are mind-blowing!

A heavy workload got in the way of issue #4 coming out in the summer as planned. Apologies if you were waiting expectantly and also for the lack of news. However, I hope you’ll find the new issue, debuting at the Thought Bubble Festival (New Dock Hall Table 61) in a couple of weeks, worth the wait.

Comics from:

Sean Azzopardi, Fred Blunt, Sammy Borras, Katriona Chapman, Sam Davies, Paul Harrison-Davies, James Howard, Tanya Meditzky, Kathryn Newman, David O’Connell, Edie OP, Tom Pearce, Owen Pomery, Jade Sarson & Dean McKnight, and Scott Jason Smith with articles featuring Matt Abbiss, Mike Medaglia and Julia Scheele.

Sneak peeks from some of those artists soon!

On a side note, the delay in #4 coming out has inadvertently meant my plan to turn ink+PAPER into an annual publication has been implemented a year earlier than expected! More on that soon as well.

Spring Comiket



ink+PAPER has been a bit quiet lately but lots has been going on behind the scenes. All will be revealed soon!

In the meantime, it’s spring! And that means a Comiket ink+PAPER will be there this Saturday at Central St Martins for the brilliant FREE event. Lots of people selling lots of comics and some exciting big screen live drawing too! All the details for the Comica Festival including the Comiket are here. See you there!

Sneak Peek: Nulsh

Here’s an intriguing page from ink+PAPER #3 by Glasgow-based artist Nulsh. Can you guess what this story is about? Bet you can’t.

Nulsh’s style really strikes a chord with me – not just his dark sense of humour, but his strong expressive line-work that reminds me of some of Moebius’ (perhaps earlier?) comics. It’s bold and edgy but sophisticated and intelligent too. Have a look at his website for more treasures:



Meanwhile, today is LAUNCH PARTY DAY! The books arrived in the nick of time yesterday and look great – come see for yourself at Orbital Comics in London from 7pm tonight where there’ll be joint launch with the latest issue of The Strumpet!

Details here, or on Facebook here.

And tomorrow, come along the Comiket: issue #3 wll be on sale alongside #2 and other goodies. Hope to see you there!

Sneak Peek: Rebecca Tobin

Rebeca Tobin is a Classics student from the UK currently studying in the US. I don’t know much about her, apart from the fact that she has a huge amount of talent for a youngster (I view everyone as youngsters), and probably speaks Latin all the time.

Her comic for ink+PAPER #3 is story of that nagging feeling of longing for something better, to the point of not appreciating what you’ve already got. Rebecca has used a wonderfully fiery colour palette to great effect – it’s a short but powerful tale.

Check out her website for more delights, and look – she does commissions too!

i+P #3 can be pre-ordered right now and don’t forget, if you’re in the London area on the 9th November, please come along to our launch (with our good friends of The Strumpet). If you’re on Facebook, there’s an event page here.


Sneak Peek: John Cei Douglas

This is a scene from a marvellously dark tale by illustrator and comicker John Cei Douglas. How would you feel about being marooned on a desert island? It’s not all coconuts and bananas, as John deftly shows.

John’s comics have appeared in a number of anthologies, such as Paper Science and Solipsistic Pop, and whenever I talk to him he’s always full of exciting story ideas – the above story was one of several pitches he came up with for ink+PAPER, any of which I would have loved to have published. His clean brushwork is filled with warmth and character, but he’s not afraid to deal with uncomfortable subjects. Check out his work at his tumblr:

i+P #3 can be pre-ordered right now and don’t forget, if you’re in the London area on the 9th November, please come along to our launch (with our good friends of The Strumpet). If you’re on Facebook, there’s an event page here.