For contributors

Please note that as a small, independently-published magazine there is currently  no payment available for creators.

ink+PAPER has different categories of content: short stories and features. There is no theme, though this will be the “summer 2013” issue if that helps with inspiration.

Short stories: longer form comics, around 10pp. We encourage stories with clearly identifiable characters. They may cover any genre* but we are particularly interested in:

  • Romance
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Slice-of-life/drama
  • Historical
*Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror – I love these genres but there are plenty of excellent comics that do this kind of thing already. If you have a particular idea you really want to do then let me know.


Features: shorter comics, illustrations, photoessays, profiles, interviews or other prose articles, 1-5pp. Can be fiction/non-fiction and include or combine the following:

  • Travel and the outdoors eg. travel journal, urban exploration,  foreign settings and interesting landscapes, day-trips, gardening comics, maps
  • Journalism/reportage – including diary comics, illustrated letters
  • Biographical – particularly quirky, creative individuals
  • Applied Arts eg.  comics involving textiles, fashion design and commentary, architecture, printing, typography, photography, zines and DIY crafts, ‘how-to’s
  • Food eg. recipe comics, cafe/restaurant/cake shop reviews, food market experiences or character profiles
  • Science: wonders of the universe, medicine, infographics, vehicle or machine cutaways
  • Culture: theatre, cinema, TV, music, art, museums
  • Humour
  • Other ideas welcome


Deadlines for issue #4:

  • For art and articles: end of April 2013
  • Publication: June 2013


  • All-ages language and imagery.
  • All comic stories must be self-contained.
  • Please ensure your comic has a title and that this and the author/s names are incorporated somewhere within the comic. There will be a contributors’ page for website URLs, etc.
  • A5 (210 x 148.5mm) with 3mm trim and 3mm bleed, 300dpi or more, CMYK colour.
  • No double spreads please (the spine of the magazine make these difficult to see).
  • A PSD template* is here:
  • Send tiffs or psds to or via Dropbox.
*The template contains a green “optimum zone”: the magazine is perfect bound, so there is a risk of some images/text disappearing into the gutter created by the spine. The green area is the area where there is least risk of this happening. This is completely optional so feel free to ignore it – I don’t believe this was a problem with issue 1. If you have a copy of issue 1, Joe Decie’s comic is in the optimum zone.