Sneak Peek: John Riordan

Despite appearances, John Riordan‘s comic for ink+PAPER #2 is a funny and… colourful tale.

When chatting with John recently, I mentioned his work reminded me of the Doom Patrol and Shade, the Changing Man comics that DC Comics published in the late 80s and he replied that they were among some of the biggest influences in his comics education. So if you’re a fan of the quirky style for which those comics are famous, with a touch of sly humour, you’ll enjoy his tale: The Inventor of Colour.

John is the co-creator of the acclaimed ‘musical soap-opera’ comic Hitsville UK and has contributed comics and illustrations to Time Out, the BBC and The Guardian, among others. He’s also part of an amazing indie band, The Little Philistines. There is just too much talent in this man!

John’s website:

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Sneak Peek: Andrew Waugh

Andrew Waugh is a cartoonist whose style marries slick and simple, yet expressive, linework with sharp but warm wit. It’s a style that I feel very much in tune with and I always look forward to seeing what Andy’s working on. Currently he’s been very busy – a host of his illustrations and comic work is featured in the recent edition of the comedy magazine Mustard and he’s been showing some glimpses from his 50-page semi-autobiographical comic Gauntlet on his blog. His work has also appeared in the pages of publications from our friends at Solipsistic Pop and Paper Science, as well as Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic.

For ink+PAPER #2, Andy’s produced a trilogy of humorous tales with a dark edge: an old lady takes on a triumvirate of horror villains. Who wins? Buy issue #2 to find out – it’s available for pre-order right now.

Andy’s website:

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Sneak Peek: Sarah McIntyre

It’s my great pleasure to welcome my good friend Sarah McIntyre to the pages of ink+PAPER. Not only is she the creator of the delightful Vern & Lettuce comic strip for the DFC comic (no longer with us but available in a library format), but she is an award-winning (and extremely hard-working) children’s book illustrator. Her blog is the go-to place for what’s happening in children’s books and is a hugely valuable resource for those learning their craft in illustration.

I love the soft but striking colour palette for Sarah’s comic, The Secret Wood, and her subtle use of texture. It’s a beautiful, whimsical tale which I’m sure everyone will enjoy.

I’m also very happy to announce that issue 2 is now available for pre-order! Get your copy in the shop.

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Sneak Peek: Paul Harrison-Davies

A couple of panels from a particularly lovely strip from Paul Harrison-Davies. Paul has opted to do a wordless comic for ink+PAPER #2, but that doesn’t mean the story lacks life – it’s a fun, heart-warming tale, illustrated with a beautiful mix of bright colours and soft textures. Based on a conversation Paul had with his daughter, it’s filled to the brim with charm.

Check out Paul’s blog for more brilliant stuff: (I’m particularly liking his recent Paint Girl pics.)

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Issue #2 Sneak Peeks: AJ Poyiadgi

AJ Poyiadgi is an award-winning film-maker by trade and is relatively new to the UK comics scene. However, he’s already made a bit of a splash with his comic Teapot Therapy, which was short-listed for last year’s Observer Graphic Short Story Prize.

It’s often remarked that the processes of comic and film-making require similar consideration and I wonder how much cross-over there has been between AJ’s different creative outlets. His i+P comic is certainly beautifully framed and atmospherically lit, with a neat twist in the tale. You’re in for a treat.

The Teapot Therapy site is here and I’m told a new website for AJ’s comics is on its way soon.

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Issue #2 Sneak Peeks: Will Morris

Issue #2 is out next month, so as part of the build-up, here is the first of some rather tasty sneak peeks!

There was a short profile of Will Morris in issue #1 (and an extended online version here) so I’m delighted to be able to welcome him back to the pages of ink+PAPER for issue #2, this time with one of his fantastic comics. It’s a lovely bittersweet tale, brought to life with Will’s trademark bold ink wash.

Will is the creator of the much talked about The Silver Darlings, out this summer from Blank Slate books, a coming-of-age tale set in the declining Ayrshire fishing community of the 196os. The sample art is breathtakingly beautiful and no clairvoyance is required to know that this book is going to be a sure-fire hit. Hopefully, the first of many.

Will’s blog:

i+P worldwide this month

Four great international opportunities to get hold of a copy of i+P#1 this month (aside from the internet-based options):

  1. Ellen Lindner will be shilling at the Brooklyn Zine Fest on April 15th: alongside the fabulous The Strumpet.
  2.  Cliodhna Lyons will have some copies at the wonderful Comiket in London on April 21st:
  3. Both of these fine ladies will be at the amazing MoCCA in New York City on 28th-29th April:
  4. i+P is available in the brilliant Lambiek in Amsterdam, the world’s first comic shop:

Meanwhile, issue #2 lurches into life…


For U.S. readers…

If you are live in the US and are tempted to buy a copy of ink+PAPER, but are put off by those rather grim transatlantic shipping costs, then you might be interested to know that issue #1 is available through i+P contributor and editor of The Strumpet comic magazine, Ellen Lindner. Recently relocated to her native Long Island, Ellen is acting as our US distributor (we’ll be returning the favour for UK Strumpet readers very shortly).

For a copy of i+P #1 ($12 + $3 shipping) go to Ellen’s Etsy shop here.

[And don’t forget there’s the digital version too.]

Issue 2 Contributors

Summer may seem like a long way off but the work for the second issue of ink+PAPER is already under way. This issue’s lineup is almost completely different from #1, a deliberate decision in order to ensure the breadth of available talent gets its time in the spotlight. I’m particularly delighted by the artists who’ve agreed to contribute and am really looking forward to seeing this bumper edition!

Barring any last-minute stuff, there will be comics from Fred Blunt, Francesca Cassavetti, Rick Eades, Sarah Gordon, Paul Harrison-Davies, Sally-Anne Hickman, Kripa Joshi, Sarah McIntyre, Will Morris, Paul Peart-Smith, Andy Poyiadgi, John Riordan, Kim Roberts, Carl Thompson, Andrew Waugh and Seán Michael Wilson. There’ll also be contributions from Esther McManus, Jenni Scott, Selina Lock and Jay Eales.

So if you’re planning a summer escape and are in need of a bit of reading material, whether in paperback or digital form, then look no further.

ink+PAPER #2 is due out in June 2012.