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Wi-Fi Standards and Performance Improvement Tips

For best results, it is wise to use the "n" and "ac" variations of the 802.11 standard, because they have a larger frequency bandwidth per channel, and can make use of modern technologies such as MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output), which allow multiple devices to get and send data over the Wi-Fi network at the same time.

Another option is to purchase a MIMO router that has several high gain antennas, and then orient them towards the areas that could use a Wi-Fi signal strength boost. You could even breathe new life into your old router by installing an open source router operating system and fitting in a new pair of high quality antennas coupled with extension cables.

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Top Seven Web Development Programming Languages

Web developers are in great demand. And why shouldn't they be, when more and more applications are moving from their standard, desktop-based environments to software-as-a-service projects? Here are the most promising languages that have stood the test of time.

1. JavaScript
JavaScript is a frontend programming language that can be used for creating a large variety of web applications. But the same code can also be used to create desktop applications, for example. And once that you've learned how to use it, it can serve as a launching pad, helping you learn other web programming languages without putting in too much effort.

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